Storyboard Artist

Quinn couldn't be more different from her younger sister, but can she set their differences aside when her sister needs her?

Final Film below

The two sisters start out very disconnected as they have different motivations. The first time they're seen together completely in the frame is when they finally see eye to eye at the end of the film.

A new teacher is put to the test when things in the classroom get a little too chaotic. Inspired by my own first year of teaching! (Minus the extra arms.)

I wanted to bring some cartoony humor to this project, so I decided to take "rubber arm" to the extreme. If only I had this ability to multi-task in real life!

Strangely, arm wrestling in the middle of class is a frequent occurrence.

When Maya sees her younger sister struggling to be the perfect princess, she shares with her the story of how their very kingdom came to be.

Brainstorming for the ancient creature

More ancient creatures...

The hardest part of the mosaics sequence was figuring out how to make them look both clear and stylized. I tried to think about how they would move, not only on screen, but how the camera could move as well.

A young apprentice must pass one final test to get what he's always wanted. But does he have the strength to complete it?

In the beginning, Tao sees the Order as a beacon of good. He's lit by the window, literally looking at his goal.

By the end, Tao remains in the light with his decision to spare Aki's life, but Aki has joined the shadows with the mentor. The placement of the shadows in this frame help to reiterate this theme of light and dark.